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I create commissioned artwork by infusing each piece with a unique artistic perspective, enriching it with my personal interpretations of colours, shapes & emotions.

My passion for creativity is diverse, and when clients engage my artistic services, I delve deep into understanding their concept and desires. This approach enables me to seamlessly integrate various artistic media and techniques, culminating in an artwork that possesses a distinctive style, making it a cohesive and meaningful masterpiece for a special someone.



Acrylic on cotton canvas.
80cm x 80cm.
Hamburg. 2020


I had the pleasure of receiving a commission to paint a minimalist version of the Protea / Sugarbush flower, a species that is native to South Africa. The brief required a vibrant and minimalistic approach to the artwork. Here are the final shots of the painting I completed.

The main theme was to capture the essence of peace and calmness which the client had mentioned but also the elegance of motherhood, helping hands of a nurse and 3 children that she had brought into the world. 

"The daisies that still exists around us is what will remind us of her and her love for beauty within these delicate flowers - elegance and softness of human nature. Over looking the horizon of what is unknown or what is yet to be reflected upon the another side - but a moon / the sun always keeping its presence to intact the connection from another world to the world we live in.

Little butterflies are the creation of natures way of showing us how a birth cycle comes into the world therefore, I am using 3 little butterflies to show her creation of 3 little children who are still enjoying the bed of daisies that she raised them in - no matter what was happening around the surrounding, in her presence the surrounding felt like bed of daisies. Just like this, she was able to do the same through her work of being a nurse therefore, I am dressing her up in subtle colours of nurse outfit ( turquoise and white ). 

Since she is not with us anymore, I wanted to not show her face, but use her figure, her memories to tell this beautiful story that deserves to be shared and remembered."

​When I was approached for this artwork, I was very honoured to have given the trust and freedom to create something that was going to be close to the client's heart.


The artwork is based on a reference image of my client's mother who had recently passed away. Please read below how I have interpreted the image and the memories of what she left behind. 


Acrylic on wall

Peru. 2020

The mural was done for in a little Peruvian town's homestay. The owner wanted to capture some of the surrounding essence and let the beauty of it all be reflected on the walls of homestay.

The mural unfortunately was not able to be fully completed because of covid-19 lockdown lockdown and travel restrictions.

"Sweet memories full of daisies"


Print on Hahnmühle cotton paper.
21.0cm x 29.7cm.
Hamburg. 2021