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Childhood in Nepal, teen in Australia, adulthood partially in Germany and anywhere a city calls me. 

infamous @Ayushadallakoti

CV | Special* Portfolio

As a textile and graphic designer, I'm always exploring new styles, techniques, and projects to keep my creativity buzzing.


Currently, I'm delving into the fascinating world of typography, pushing its strengths to discover new possibilities. Additionally, I've found a hands-on passion for pottery, getting down and dirty with the clay. It's not just about honing skills it's about satisfying that creative hunger and relishing the joy that comes with the process.

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Commission / Artwork Purchase
Freelance / Collaborate

Currently I am Freelancing on a project basis as an Art Director, Brand designer and Illustrator.

If you are interested in collaborating or using my service, do GET IN TOUCH

If you are interested in purchasing or have a query about an exisiting Artwork, please mention the name of the Artwork in the subject of your email.


Currently I am available for a commission in the fields of:

Painting, Illustrating - digitally and hand-drawn, Ceramics and various Surface prints.

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